Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Logan's sitting up!!

Logan turned 5 months old on the 23rd of September and as of the end of last week, he is starting to sit up! He gets tired after about 5 or 10 minutes but he has gotten to where he can sit up a little bit all by himself! Here are a few pictures of my little Logan being a big boy! Ona sad note, both of the kids have seemed to have the stomach virus. Thankfully, it isn't too bad and I think that the worst is behind us. Mackenlee was sick last night so she stayed home from WEE School today but she is eating and acting normal. Logan seems to be a lot better too. After not eating much yesterday, he decided that he wanted to eat at 5:00 this morning and so far everthing is back to normal with him! I hope you enjoy the pictures! He really enjoyed riding in the shopping cart with Mackenlee like a "big boy!"
Logan sitting in our front yard before a sunday school party
Logan saying "look at me sitting up with my dinasour hat on!" My sweet happy baby boy!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday!

I was looking at a friends blog and loved the idea of flashback Friday so I decided to steal the idea for mine! Sorry, Amanda! In honor of tomorrow nights game, MSU vs. LSU, I am posting some pictures of Mackenlee at some of her first MSU games! Mackenlee was around 7-8 months old in these pictures. Luckily the games weren't that rough on us with a baby. Being in the club level section helps a lot with small children! As long as you are able to get a table by the window! Enjoy the pictures! GO DAWGS!!

Another 4!

Today, Me and the kids loaded up the car and went to Meridian to go visit with my 90 year old grandmother. My grandmother is one of the lucky people that has had her health the majority of her life but now she is living in a nursing home in Meridian. It was so good to see her today! She moved to Meridian from Grenada, MS, which is a 4 hour drive for me. So, as you can imagine, I haven't gotten many chances to see her since I have had children. Small children are not to keen on sitting in a car for 4 hours watching tree after tree and cotton fields go by. In a way it is sad to see my grandmother in a nursing home, but on the other hand, I am happy that my children will get to see her a few more times. I hope that Mackenlee will have at least a faint memory of her great grandmother! Below is a picture that I took today. It's another 4 generations! Starting from the left is my mother, me, Mackenlee, Granny. I figured it was time to take another picture of our whole family. I don't think that this has been done since Logan was born. This was at Foscue park, in front of the river but you can't tell because it's dark! I like this picture because I think it is forshadowing my future with my children. I guess little brothers aren't good for anything expect pulling hair and messing with their big sisters!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mackenlee learned to ride a tricycle!

Mackenlee has been trying and trying to ride her tricycle all by herself amd I am proud to say that she is getting the hang of it! Here is a video of her riding it today at the park.


A beautiful afternoon!!

This afternoon was so beautiful that we decided to go outside in the front yard and blow bubbles and ride the tricycle. Mackenlee brought home a bottle of bubbles from school today so we were set for entertainment for the afternoon! After about 30 mintues of blowing, chasing and spilling bubbles we decided to put Logan in the stroller and get Mackenlee tricycle out. She has been struggling with getting the peddling correct but the other day at Foscue Park, she finally got it! I was so proud of her and it made me a little sad because she isn't a little baby anymore. My baby girl is growing up!! She tried to ride it again today, and she is getting better and better. She is no Lance Armstrong, but she can ride for about 5 or 10 feet before she stops. I tried to get a video of her riding but it was pretty difficult with Logan in tow, so I will post a video later. I promised her another try at riding tonight after church! Here are some pictures that I took of the kids and the bubbles. Of course Mackenlee loved them. Logan, on the otherhand, wasn't to interested in the bubbles. He kept trying to get the Mickey Mouse off of Mackenlee's shoe! And for those wondering how she is doing in school this week, she has come home each day with a sticker and saying that she was a sweet girl! She is learning so much. At naptime, I had finished reading her "Dora's Christmas Parade" and then we were going over what sounds letters make. I was so proud of my baby girl becuase she knew most of the sounds of the alphabet! it seems like she will be learning to read before I know it. They grow up so fast!

Monday, September 22, 2008

4 Generations of Snowden's

Mackenlee and Logan are very fortunate to have a chance to know and love their great grandparents. How often do you have 4 generations living? I never knew my great-grandparents and barely remember my dad's parents so I am very happy to know that my children have 3 living great-grandmother's and 1 great-grandfather. This past weekend, we drove over to Meridian to go to First Baptist Church to hear Brian's brother preach. After church, we all went over to my in-law's house for lunch. While we were there, we took a picture of all the Snowden men. My in-laws have 3 sons and each of them has a son. The Snowden family has been blessed with babies and below are just 3 of the 7! Pictured below from left to right: Wes, Matt, Charles (Charlie Boy), Mark, John Taylor, Brian, Logan, and Tim.

A Great Weekend

We had a very busy and fun weekend with the grandparents. It was a rainy Saturday with nothing to do, so we loaded up all the kids and went to the historic Dentzel Carousel at Highland Park in Meridian. Mackenlee had been afraid of the carousel because it is a little fast for her but this weekend she had a blast on it. She ran off of it and came and told me "it not make me sad, Mama!" I was so happy to hear her say that because as a child, I loved to ride the carousel. After a few rides, we walked over to the duck pond to see the ducks. They appeared to be famished because they swarmed us as soon as we got there. Luckily, they were pretty friendly. All we had was one berry breakfast bar but that seemed to tide them over! The girls and Logan really enjoyed watching the ducks swim and loved watching the water splash at the water fountain. After our busy afternoon, we went back to Mimi and Pop's house to play in the courtyard. It turned out to be a nice afternoon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mackenlee starts dance and school

This month, Mackenlee started WEE School. I am so proud of her because she is doing so great with being left every morning. Anyone that knows Mackenlee, knows that she does NOT like to be left without her mama. I am happy to say that every morning she gets out of the car saying "bye mama!" She is learning so much already and I can tell that she really loves it. Every day that I pick her up she has a smile on her face and is anxious to tell me all about her morning. I am also greatful for this program because it gives me a chance to clean the house and go grocery shopping! It is amazing how easy it is to clean a house when your 2 year old is in school! The top picture is her first day of school. She was being silly and playing around so I couldn't get her to stand nicely by the door. Oh well! Mackenlee also started dance lessons this fall. She is taking a combined class of ballet, tap and acrobats. She absolutely loves it!! I think she is still getting use to it because she still wonders off and does her on thing for a few minutes but she is so excited each week to put on her ballet shoes and her outfits and go to dance class. She starts pointing at the building every week before we even turn in and excitedly says "there's my dance class!!!" I am so glad that there are so many things that my little girl in interested in and I hope that she never stops the want to learn!