Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visit With Santa

We drove over to Tuscaloosa after church today because Mackenlee has been begging to see Santa. I was so proud of her because she just walked right up to him. She wasn't afraid of him at all! She did get a little shy but she really wanted to tell him that she wanted him to bring her the Dora snow princess flying pony. that is the one thing that she has stuck with since she has been thinking about Santa. This was also Logan's first visit with Santa. Santa didn't scare him at all. He was really curious of his beard but was perfectly fine being left in this strange man's lap. ha!

My little Hunter

Brian went hunting over the Thanksgiving weekend and he stopped long enough to pose with Logan in his little coat. I thought he looked so tough!

Mackenlee's First Camping Trip

On Thanksgiving eve, all the big girls went camping at their uncle Marks house. Mackenlee had been so excited about it. She talked about going camping weeks before the night came so when it was time to get ready she went willingly. She had a backpack that had a flash light, a sleeping bag, and a water thermus so she was set! When they got out there, the girls played and made S'mores and had a great time staying warm by the camp fire. But, unfortunately, Mackenlee didn't want to sleep in the camper once it got time to go to bed. So, at 10:30 I heard them knocking on the door at my parents house. She had a great time playing but didn't want to sleep without her mama and her blankies and her pink pillow. Here are some pictures from the trip, enjoy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year was Logan's first thanksgiving and he was old enough to have the sweet potatoes and a little dressing! He LOVED the sweet potatoes. Sorry that this post is a little heavy with pictures of Logan but Mackenlee didn't really stay at the table so that means less pictures of her. We had dinner at Mimi and Pop's house Wednesday night and lunch at my parents house Thursday. We all had a great time and we are still stuffed from all the wonderful food!!

Cousin Christmas Pictures at Merrehope

Last weekend we went to Meridian to take christmas pictures of all the cousins together. We went to Merrehope because we were hoping that it was decked out in Christmas decorations, and it was! With 7 children, I was very happy with the pictures that I got and the amount of time we took them in. It only took us 30 minutes!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday!

I know that I have forgotten the past couple of flashback fridays but I remembered this week! Just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays! These pictures are from Mackenlee's first and second thanksgiving. Sorry that there is no picture of Logan in this post, but hopefully we will be able to take some cute pictures of him at his first Thanksgiving! Hopefully he will enjoy his first turkey and dressing. Enjoy the pictures!

One tired baby!

Yesterday was a lot of fun for Logan. Mackenlee stayed home from WEE School because she was exhausted from the day before so Logan got to play with his big sister all morning. He was so excited that she was actually playing with him that he missed him morning nap. I had taken down the jumparoo and in its place I put Mackenlee's drop and roll dinosour and found out that Logan loves that toy! Well, at lunch time, I put Logan in his chair as usual with his lunch on his plate and Mackenlee was sitting in her seat eating. I stepped into the kitchen to get their drinks and came right back out and this is how I found Logan! He had fallen asleep eating his lunch! The poor thing slept over 3 hours yesterday afternoon and then took a shorter nap 2 hours after he woke up from his long one. Apparently the combination of Mackenlee being home and the "new" toy was just way too much excitement that a 7 month old can take! On a completely different note, check out those eyelashes! They look like press ons. ha ha!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mackenlee's WEE School Thanksgiving Feast


Today was Mackenlee's WEE School Thanksgiving Feast and all the kids did something special. The 3 year olds did the "Turkey Dance" and said a little poem. Above is the video (if it works) of Mackenlee's class doing her part. Mackenlee got to invite 2 people to come watch and eat lunch so Brian took a half day and went to the program with me and Logan. Mackenlee came home with a bunch of really cute Thanksgiving themed work. Logan really enjoyed the food (chicken tenders, green beans, mack & cheese, peach cobbler and a roll) although he only ate the mack & cheese, green beans and pieces of the roll that Mackenlee shared with him. oh, and you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and mute the music so you can hear the video.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Caesar LIVES!!!

Brian told me tonight that Pop was concerned that my cat, Caesar, had passed. Well, I am happy to say that he is still very much alive and well but has been in hybernation for the past week from the cooler weather. (I have gone in to make sure he is still breathing! Lately, it seems, he has taken to sleeping in front of our washing machine in a laundry basket full of clothes. So in honor of my cat and our 2 other nonhuman children, I will post some pictures of them. Caesar is our grumpy but lovable cat, CJ is our small, white, Maltese and Daisy is the large, brown and white, Brittany Spaniel who will be 9 month old at the end of this month! If you ask Mackenlee which of our dogs is the puppy and which is the grown up dog, she will tell you Daisy is the grown up and CJ is the puppy!

Fall Pictures at Bluff Hall

Yesterday I took the kids over to Bluff Hall to see if I could get a few decent pictures of them in the beautiful fall weather that we are having. I think I got a few decent ones but with Mackenlee, of course, acting like the diva she is, it is hard to get a good picture of my 2 children together! Logan is now 6 1/2 months old and as of today is crawling on his hands and knees. It's not very graceful, as he is still trying to get the hang of it, but it works for him. (I will post a video later) He also pulled up for the first time on Friday. As I was walking through the dining room to Mackenlee's room, I saw Logan crawling around on the floor and when I came back into the living room (not 15 seconds later) he was standing at the little play table!! I was so suprised that my jaw actually dropped. He had tried so hard all day on Thursday to stand up but could never get it. He is growing up WAY too fast!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Visit to the Zoo & Disney on Ice

This year for halloween we decided to drive to Birmingham and go to the zoo and to Disney on Ice instead of getting the kids all dressed up for trick or treating. Mackenlee has yet to have a good time going trick or treating and it usually ended in huge meltdown so we thought that the trip to Birmingham is a great alternative. We met Mackenlee and Logan's cousins at the zoo and we all had a great time. Mackenlee fed the HUGE fish in the pond, they say camels, zebras, gariffes (there was even a baby gariffe!), monkeys, tigers, lions, and even a white tiger! At the end of the day, everyone was tired and we decided to go eat an early supper at Logan's Roadhouse. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and even Logan enjoyed the rolls! The next morning, we woke up and got Mackenlee and Sierra ready to go see Disney on Ice. The girls loved the show and as soon as the lights went down and the music started, their eyes were glued to the ice rink. Afterwards, we got back in the car and headed back home. We were all exhausted and Mackenlee and Logan both went to bed early and slept all night long! (Which that is unusual for Logan lately!)