Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Huge Prayer Request

I am asking that everyone lift their prayers up for a little 9 week old by named Stellan. I follow his mother's blog and you can get his full story by clicking on the MacMiracle link to the right of my screen. He has a severe case of RSV and is having heartrate issues due to the RSV. Please pray that God will pull him through this, and for the wisdom for the doctors and of course for his mom and dad and family. God has spared his life in the womb so I pray that he will heal him again.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Logan's Walking....Kinda

Logan has learned to walk with the little push wagon that Uncle Mark and Aunt Natalie gave him for Christmas. He loves it and he thinks it is so funny that he can "walk". Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunt Natalie for the fun toy!


mackenlee riding her bike


We went to Foscue Park when we got back into town and mackenlee learned to ride her bicycle! She loves it and boy does she go fast! I hope you enjoy the video. Just ignore my voice!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa even came to Mumzie and Poppa's house!

We went to Mumzie and Poppa's house christmas afternoon and Mackenlee found that Santa had come to their house and left her a present! She came into the front door and saw a big red Jeep under the tree. She played and played on it until it was too dark to see and then she got to ride it again Friday. We left it at their house so she could ride it anytime she visited. They have the perfect place to put it and the perfect place to ride it! She loved it!

Santa Came and Christmas with the Snowden's!

Christmas morning came and with that means SANTA! Mackenlee walked out of her bedroom to find that Santa had left a bunch of fun stuff under the tree for her and Logan. He brought Mackenlee a princess bicycle with training wheels, Dora and Snow Pegasus, a little einsteins bath set, some binoculars, a Dora movie, and a microphone (me and santa might need to have a talk about that). He left Logan an incrediblock, a sit to stand giraffe, a toy truck, a goofy toy and an elmo toy. Logan and Mackenlee had a great time playing with their new stuff and after Logan's morning nap, we left to go to Meridian to spend time with the Snowden's. Once we got there, we started opening more presents and I think that all the kids got everything they could ask for plus some! Mackenlee wasn't feeling well, so that is why she looks a little unhappy or sleepy in some pictures. We all had a great time visiting with family and watching the kids play.
Logan unwrapping his peek a blocks train
Mackenlee and her "snow horsey"
trying out the new bike!
twinkle, twinkle, little star...
Logan with his stocking
Mackenlee with her stocking
Mackenlee with her stocking at Mimi and Pop's house
Wes with his stocking
MK with her stocking
John Taylor with his stocking
Sierra with her stocking
Sierra surrounded by a bunch of presents! What's a girl to do!!
Wes talking to Dora and Diego. He didn't even finish opening it once he saw them. It was so cute!
Pop and Mackenlee reading the cookbook
Logan and one of his favorite presents
Logan opening his present
Sierra playing with her Clipo
MK and Matt playing with Clipo! She was so excited!
Mackenlee trying to be happy about presents. Poor baby!
Meredith cuddling with Mackenlee
Mackenlee playing with her My Little Pony play-doh set

Christmas Eve with the Pierce's

On Christmas Eve, my parents came over and we did our family christmas. Brian and I cooked a roast and we had rice and gravy and rolls to go with it. Afterwards, we all opened presents and the kids had a blast. My parents got us the Big Green Egg and Brian was really excited about cooking on it and I was really excited about eating the steaks that my grandmother bought for us. Mackenlee got the Tag reading system and a book to go with it and a giant activity pad. She has not put the tag reading pen down. She LOVES it! Logan opened his presents with a little help and got some soft blocks, and animal parade, and an elmo bath toy. After the first present, he realized that there were fun things inside these wrapped boxes. Even though he couldn't open them himself, he got so excited to see what was inside! He Loved the animal parade and became very defensive of it when Mackenlee tried to take it away. It was so funny to see his personality come through, and mackenlee better watch out when he gets bigger! He was hitting and yelling at her when she took his toy! After all the presents had been opened and the kids have had a sufficient time of playing, the snuggled down with my parents and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas". After that, they were snuggled in their beds where a restless night for pretty much everyone began.

Visit with the Rounsaville's

Over the Christmas holidays, Brian and I got to visit with some old friends of ours who now live in Oklahoma City. They have a little boy that is a month younger than Logan and this was the first time they have met! Wes and Katie's little boy is named Cooper and he is 7 months old as of today. The boys had a great time checking each other out and the adults had a great visit. It is so nice to have friends that you can just pick up where you left off even though you haven't seen them in a year! We love you Katie, Wes and Cooper and it was so great to see you!
Cooper and Logan having a stare off!
playing on the exersauser
Cooper loves his pooh bear
Sharing toys like sweet little boys!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A "Made by Mumzie" Christmas!

After church on Sunday, I took some pictures of the kids by our Christmas tree to show off their new Christmas outfits that their Mumzie made for them. Don't they look precious in their matching picture smocked outfits? Mackenlee loves to wear things that her mumzie made for her to the point of every dress that she puts on, whether it's an actual mumzie made or off the rack at JC Penney's she says "Mumzie made this for me!!" She looks so beautiful in her hand made dresses and we (Me, Brian and Mackenlee) really appriciate the clothes! Mumzie is her favorite designer!! Also, note Mackenlee's new hair cut! She got her hair cut of Friday and got about 3 or 4 inches cut off. I haven't posted any pictures of it yet because I don't seem to have my camera ready when it looks cute. Better pictures of her hair will be coming shortly!