Friday, January 23, 2009

Logan's first steps!

Logan decided that it was time to take his first few steps this past Saturday (the 17th) while we were at my parents house, visiting. We had stood him up in the middle of the floor and he wanted to get to his Poppa's chair so badly that he took 2 to 3 little steps and successfully made it to the footrest of my dad's chair. Sorry the pictures aren't that great but we didn't have the video camera with us.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mackenlee's Three Year Old Pictures

I took Mackenlee down to the river today to take some pictures of her since she just turned 3. I think that they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Don't worry, grandparents! You will all get get 1 or 2 to hang up! Logan was sitting in the car the intire time watching Dora. I was afraid to get him out because he is borderline sick and it was quite windy on the river banks this afternoon. He didn't miss us one bit and was eventually lulled to sleep by Dora Saves the Snow Princess. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I can't believe that my precious baby girl is now 3! Oh, and thank you, Katie and Wes, for the adorable outfit! Mackenlee loved it and she was so excited to get her picture taken in it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sittin' on our roofs!

It seems like we will be sitting on our rooftops, shortly, if the rivers don't crest soon! The Tombigbee and Black Worrior rivers have both been rising over the past week. The last time that I saw the rivers this high was when we first moved to Demopolis about 5 years ago. I posted these pictures because most of my readers are from out of town and they haven't seen the river in a while. We have been driving down to the city landing daily because Mackenlee likes to see where there river is at. We went yesterday (Saturday) and most of the parking lot by the boat ramps were under water. Today we went and the intire parking lot up to the road was under water. You will notice that there are some benches and a trashcan that are pretty much covered with water. Also, the big tree in the picture with the ducks is suppose to be in the grass by the parking lot.

Happy Birthday, Mackenlee!!

Saturday we celebrated Mackenlee's 3rd Birthday! I can't believe that 3 years ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed holding this precious 9 1/2 pound baby and thinking "I'm so glad this pregnancy is over!" She was the cutest "little" thing I had ever seen and I think she just gets cuter and cuter. I remember when I had her, there were 11 babies total in the nursery and she was the ONLY girl and she was also the biggest! Well, I think that she still lives by that thought because she always wants to be with the bigger kids and trys her hardest to do what they do. It's so sad that they grow up so fast!! Her party this year was a My Little Pony party and this was her first party where she got to invite her friends. She loved having her classmates and ballet friends as well as her cousins at her party! Since it was storming outside, we had it inside at Fairhaven Baptist Church where we roller skated and just ran around and had a great time. Happy Birthday, Mackenlee! I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday lunch

Every year around Mackenlee's birthday, we try to do something special as a family. We have always gone to Tuscaloosa and this is the second time that we were able to go to Chuck E. Cheese's to eat lunch. We tried to go last year but there were closed because the power was out in their shopping center...go figure. Well, today we went over to Tuscaloosa to finish some shopping for her party and to eat at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was so much fun for all of us! It was so wonderful to be able to spend time together as a family and have a ton of fun together. Mackenlee racked up 225 tickets and we stayed there for about 2 hours. We all loved the pizza, including Logan. If you notice a bump on his lip, that is where he hit the wooden tree stand the other day. It still looks like it might be sore but it's better than the other place where I originally thought he had hit, right below his eyebrow. After a long time of playing, we drove over to target to get a few things and then we headed back home. We had a great afternoon that ended with us coming home and all dancing, singing and watching Mamma Mia. I can't wait to load it on my ipod!! Oh, and when we got to Chuck E. Cheese's, they asked if we were celebrating anything special and we told them we were celebrating Mackenlee's Birthday. They gave her the crown and 10 free tokens!


I have come to learn that those who grill on the Big Green Egg are called "Eggheads". Well I have 2 of them and potentially a 3rd residing in my house as I speak. My parents gave us the Big Green Egg Smoker/grill for Christmas this year and I have heard (and tasted) nothing but wonderful things come from Brian about how well it works! We grilled chicken breasts on it the other night and then, while it was still hot, he smoked a small chicken. What was so funny was that everything Brian had to go check on the chicken, Mackenlee would say "Daddy! I have to go check on it to! I want to see how it's doing!" She went out there every time, from when he first put it on the egg until it came off. She was so proud of it! She thought it tasted yummy too! She called it her "dancing chicken that did ballet". I have know idea where she got that, but I thought it was pretty cute.
The "Eggheads" with their 1st smoked chicken it's almost ready. Mackenlee appears to be all about business in this picture
Helping daddy out with the smoker!

Happy New Year!

We drove over to Meridian for New Years Eve and spent it at Brian's brother's house with the family. We had a great time but boy was it COLD!!!! It was around 30 degrees or so while we (by "we" I mean Brian and Mark) were shooting fireworks. Afterwards, we drove over to my parents house and snuggled down on the couch and watched the ball drop in New York City. It was a great night with family and the kids had a blast. The next morning, we found some left over bottle rockets and snappers from the 4th of July and Mackenlee and Brian went outside to shoot those. Logan wanted to be outside so bad! He thought the bottle rockets were the best thing. Oh, something to look forward too when he gets older. I wonder if he will duck tape several boxes of sparklers together to make a bomb like his daddy and uncle did one year? I think that is something that I might need to prepare myself for!
Logan not liking the big loud fireworks