Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picnic down by the river

We went down to the river today to eat lunch and to just play around in the grass and Mackenlee and Logan had a great time! Here are some pictures from today!

I promise I'm not sick!

We had to take Logan to the doctor yesterday after he ran a fever for pretty much a week straight. I know that is a long time to wait to take him, but he was acting like he felt pretty decent. He wasn't lathargic or anything so I figured it would go away. Well, after a week of it not going away and him spending Tuesday night curled in my lap in a zone watching Dora, I knew that he needed to go. He was still running a 102.2 temperature Wednesday morning so I called and made an appointment and made arrangements for a friend to pick up Mackenlee from school. We get to the doctor's office and he gets his ears checked, lungs listened to, throat checked, blood drawn and the only thing that we left with was knowing for sure that it was some sort of virus. Tests came back negative for strep and flu. He is feeling a lot better today with no fever to speak of! PRAISE GOD!! He had a low grade temp last night and it was gone completely this morning. He has been in the best mood too! I guess it was the visit to the doctor's office that healed him...lets just hope he didn't pick up anything else while we were there. My sweet, sick baby boy
Mackenlee thinking "inside the box"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 years and Counting!!!

We celebrated another year of Mia and Wes this past Saturday by attending a Dora and Diego birthday party! Both of the honorees are 2 and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Everyone had a great time and the cakes and food were delicious!
Mia riding on Pinto "putting on my top hat..."
The Diego table centerpiece...Chocolate cupcakes!
The Dora table centerpiece...fruity pebble stars!
Handsome little Wes being silly with the blowup ring
peek a boo!
Happy Birthday to Mia and Wes!!
Mia's first bite of cake!
Wes with his cake and ice cream. He didn't like the way the ice cream was so cold!
Logan LOVED his cake!
Mia laid back waiting on the present opening to begin
all the cousins gathered around to watch them open presents
Mackenlee checking out the stuff in the goody bags
Logan like wearing his goody bag.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Camera!

I got my new camera today and I was so excited that I dressed the kids up, took them down to the river and tried it out. The lighting is not that great but I had to wait until Logan got up from his nap. I will take some more later on when there are flowers in bloom and the grass is actually alive!! But here is a sneak peak!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Montgomery Zoo

Wee School and the Demopolis City schools were out on Monday for President's day, so me and some friends thought that was the perfect excuse to drive to Montgomery and go to the zoo! With 3 adults and 6 kids, we thought that those were pretty good odds and the kids were pretty good the intire trip. We packed a picnic and ate lunch as soon as we got to the zoo. After our lunch we walked over to look at the monkeys. they were so active and all the kids enjoyed watching them swing around on the ropes and play on the rocks. Below is Mackenlee at the monkey exhibit. Love was in the air at the zoo...not! We walked right up to a fight between 2 flamingos. Couldn't decide which one one the fight though.
Oh, and of course there were BIG cats! This leapord was incredibley playful once he realized that he had an audience. He was sound asleep on a rock when our group came up and then he decided that it was time to show everyone just how cute and cuddley he could be. ha! He wrestled for a while with an old tire and then gave me this look. I quickly snapped the picture and backed away for while he was playing, I got a good close look at those pearly whites and those long claws of his.
Mackenlee and Joanna really loved playing on the benches that wrapped around the trees. It really was a pretty zoo with lots of shady areas.
Logan loved looking at all the animals. He passed out about half way though the zoo because he didn't nap very long in the car. But he still didn't miss a whole lot of the animals.
Mackenlee and all her friends looking for the black bear. Not sure if you can see it but it is up against the big rocks in the back on the far left.
Mackenlee, Charlie, Blake, and Lauren in front of another monkey exhibit. There was a little baby monkey in there. We couldn't figure out how old the baby was, but it was so tiny!
YAY for the elephants! There was a baby elephant in this exhibit too, but I didn't get a picture of it. The elephants are what we traveled all the way to Montgomery to see!
Mama and Baby monkey from the previous picture. Funny thing...I thought Brian was in Birmingham, I never thought I would be taking his picture at the zoo! haha! I kid!
Mackenlee's friend, Charlie.
Mackenlee playing in the dirt at the new childrens play area. It was really nice and probably the most crowded part of the zoo.
Logan waking up from his nap and begining to play on the playground
All the kids on the spiderweb.
Logan LOVING the Australia exhibit. he loved looking at the geese and watching them swim. What a sweet smile and a great way to end the day!