Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Look!

Just incase you didn't notice, I have a new look on the blog! I hope you enjoy all the new pictures. I am not great at putting all this together so just bear with me and hopefully I will learn by trial and error. We had a great time last weekend visiting with family in Meridian. We spent the afternoon playing at Highland Park where we road the Carousel and fed the ducks and a few roosters! Charlie Boy and Rita met us all at the carousel and after the kids took a ride, Charlie Boy bought all of them their own bag of cotton candy. That's right, 5 bags! The kids, of course, loved it!
After we had enough play time at the park, we went back to Pop and Mimi's house and ate crawfish, corn and potatoes! It was so good! We had a great time visiting with each other! We will definitely have to do that again!

Pray for Baby Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayers needed...

I know that not many people read this blog but I am asking those that do to please pray for the McKinney family. If you notice on the side of my blog that there is a button to McMama or you can go there to read the full story. Long story short is that Stellan, their newest baby, is currently in the PICU at the children's hospital with STV (really high heartrate). They have not been able to get his heartrate to come down even with using special drugs. Please pray for this little boy, and his parents as they are facing these uncertain times. God has been healing this little boy since he was in the womb and I pray that he won't stop now. Please spread the word about this baby boy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!

This week was Mackenlee's spring break from WEE School so we decided to have a funfilled week out in the warm sun. Tuesday morning we got up early and drove to Meridian and all piled in a car with Meredith, MK and Wes and drove to Jackson to go to the zoo. We met Natalie, Janice and the other 3 cousins and had a picnic before we ventured into the zoo. After we were stuffed with Rita's paminto and cheese sandwiches, white chedder cheetos and fruit, we went inside and had a blast looking at all the animals. Here are some pictures from out trip. After we left the zoo, we walked over and rode the train. Logan was so exhausted after not having a nap all day, that he literally just fell asleep while talking on the train. So in the picture of Mackenlee and Logan sitting on the train, Logan is asleep. Pitiful I know. I am terrible for taking a picture of it. (But I have to have a picture of my kids on the train, right?)
After we left the zoo, we all drove across to Vicksburg and went to the outlet mall for a little bit. After a little shopping and a great supper at Rowdy's, we headed to our hotel for some fun in the indoor pool! It was past the kids bedtime but we decided to put their swimsuits on them at 9:00 at night and take them swimming for about an hour. They had a blast and Mackenlee seemed to really LOVE the water and learning how to swim. Sadly, she slipped on the tile floor and scratched her shin up pretty bad and we had to go back to the room. It took 2 hours to get them all asleep but we finally did it!
The next day, we went to a park to take some pictures of Molly Katherine and Wes for their spring pictures. None of the kids were that cooperative but I think I did get a few good ones. These are some of my favorites.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lazy Friday Morning

I am so glad that it is friday! I'm not sure how everyone else feels, but I am ready to spend the weekend with my little family and have some fun! The weather is finally warm snow in sight, so it's time to get the fishing poles out and hopefully catch us some fish! Mackenlee doesn't have WEE School on Fridays so it is always a fun day for Logan because he has someone to play with besides his mommy. This morning, we drug Mackenlee's Dora couch out into the living room and it became a jungle gym for Logan and Mackenlee to play on. They had such a great time playing with each other. They truely love each other and I am so greatful of that! Even at 10 1/2 months, I can tell that Logan adores his big sister and wants to do everything she does. I took a few pictures of them playing because, lets face it, that's just what I do. I noticed in one picture that Mackenlee has a look on her face that might confuse some of you! She doesn't look as sweet as usual, but a little more mischievous as she is pushing her brother with her prized pink pillow.
But, alas, don't think that your precious little 10 month old doesn't know how to stand up for himself. I see a little look of revenge in his eyes. The red spot on his head is from crawling in and out off of the back of the couch. Silly boy! Don't think he cried or anything...that's not what boys do. As Brian says he has learned to "suck it up and go!"
But don't think that the intire morning was about dueling babies. There were some sweet moments when they were lying on the couch together snuggling and tickling. Mackenlee would tickle Logan and Logan would tickle her. They love each other so much!

This morning, we decided we would go to McDonald's for breakfast since all of the other breakfast food in the house is gone! Logan and Mackenlee shared an order of pancakes and they both LOVED them. Logan ate all he wanted but he still have some pancake left on his table. I was trying to see if he was finished so I offered him a piece and then demonstrated what he needed to do by pretending to eat it. Well, he must have thought that it was a great idea for me to eat the left over pancakes so he picked up a piece and put it in my mouth. over and over. Logan fed me about 5 little pieces of his pancake. I thought it was the cutest thing and he was extremely proud of himself. He thought he had done something great and wonderful! I hope everyone's friday is great!

Mackenlee and I will be headed to Tuscaloosa tonight to see the gymnastics team from Alabama compete. Mackenlee gets so excited and loves spending time with her best friend, Charlie.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just a little update...

I am happy to say that this house is pretty much back to normal as far as kids with sicknesses go! Logan hasn't had a fever in 3 days and he is back full force! I am so happy to have both of my children happy and healthy! Mackenlee seemed to have a great day at school yesterday and I got a special treat of watching them practice their dance recital routine yesterday. I can't wait to see it in may! I know she is going to love being up on the stage.

on another note...

I have been awaken twice this week, not by my buzzing alarm, but by my sweet 3 year old tiptoeing into my bedroom and saying "good morning, Mama!" She has been the last thing I hear going to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. The songs from her My Little Pony radio have been lulling me to sleep for the past 2 nights. There is nothing like going to bed and listening to the "Starsong" song over and over again to make you fall asleep!

Don't you just love snuggles from your children? I was rocking Logan last night, because he was a little fussy. Apparently he didn't get enough "mommy" time yesterday afternoon and Mackenlee wanted to come join us. It's not often that I get to rock my big girl so I jumped at the chance! They are so sweet... sometimes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Dixie Dusting...

It does snow in Alabama! We woke up this morning to snow falling down and Mackenlee and Logan had a great time playing in it this morning. Brian and I joked that Mackenlee is going to have an unrealistic idea of how often it snows in Alabama. So far this is Mackenlee's second snow and Logan's first! I can't remember the last time it snowed in March. I think I was back in junior high! Logan couldn't stay out too long because he has been sick but we wanted him to at least get a little enjoyment from the snow. Once it was time for him to go in, he stood at the door and watched Mackenlee play outside, longing to be out there with her! But sadly, if you look out our front window, you will see no evidence of snow or that it has ever visited. But it was fun while it lasted!!

Great Birthdays!

Yesterday was my grandmother's 91st birthday, so in honor of that, me and Mackenlee baked her a cake with homemade icing. Mackenlee put everything together in the mixer and pretty much made the icing all by herself! I laid out all the ingredients and she added them as I told her to. She had such a great time and the came came out so cute! Below are some pictures of her mixing the icing and decorating the cake.
Saturday morning, we woke up and got ready to drive over to Meridian to spend the day with my parents and my grandmother. Like I mentioned, she turned 91 yesterday and I think she looks pretty good! She really enjoyed the sonic burgers and the cake and she loved the presents too!
We only put 1 candle on the cake...I'm not sure if we afford to burn down my parents house!
Mackenlee had been waiting all week to go fishing and she finally got the chance! It was around 40 degrees and raining off and on but she didn't care! She wanted to go, and what daddy would Brian be if he didn't take his little girl fishing?
Suprisingly, they actually caught a fish! It was about a pound and a half Bass and no, they didn'y catch it on the little "Cars" fishing Pole that Mackenlee is holding. Although, that little rod has reeled in some nice sized fish!
Later that evening we headed over to Charlie Boy's house because today, March 1st, is his 86 (I think) birthday. Mackenlee ran right in and wanted to have a tea party with Charlie Boy and Rita and Logan was happy to join in as well.
Charlie Boy got talked into having "tea" (sprite) with Mackenlee. She loves playing with her great grandfather!