Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Sprinkler splashes!

After what seems like a month of rain, the sun has finally come out!! Not sure if it's here to stay for a while or not but we took advantage of it today, none the less. We broke out the sprinkler this morning and the kids had a lot of fun running through it and getting soaking wet. Logan expecially liked it. He loved getting right up on the water and letting it splash in his face.

After telling Mackenlee that it's not polite for little girls (or big girls for that matter) to pull their swimsuit above their head, this is what she did. I told her to just pull it back down. I think she took me too literally!

After about 30 minutes of just standing in the sprinkler and letting it soak him, Logan discovered that there might be more to do and he went in search of mud. Lucky for me, he found some!

This is what he did for about 30 minutes straight....
Wait for it....
Wait for it!....
YES! It's splashing me again!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This year there have been several "firsts" for our little girl! She has finished her first year at WEE School and has learned so much! Not only did she attend a preschool, but she also started ballet, tap and acrobats. She has a blast every Monday practicing her front rolls and her leapfrogs. This week is her end of the year recital for her Dance studio. She gets to perform it 2 times. Her first was last night and then again tomorrow night (Thursday). I am having to pray really hard that she will be able to make it through tomorrow night without getting completely exhausted! She did such a great job. I am so proud of my little girl! I'm going to take some more pictures tomorrow night and I will post the best pictures later.

This first video is Mackenlee's ballet dance. She is the little girl on the far right of the screen.


This is her first tap routine to "The Mickey Mouse March". I believe she ends up being 4th from the left but she's the one that starts jumping up and down first and I believe ends up chasing a feather that falls off her costume! Sorry about the beginning, Brian was filming it and wasn't watching the recorder.


Her 3rd routine is another tap routine to "If You're Happy and you Know it". She is the 7th from the Right, kinda close to the middle.


Her 4th and last routine is her tumbling routine where she does a front roll and a leap frog. This has been her favorite part of dance class I think! She has learned so much. When she first started, she couldn't even begin to do the leap from and now she does it like a champ! She is the 9th girl that comes across the stage the first'll notice her by when she goes back and picks up a hair piece that fell out of someone elses hair. She thought it was hers and she paniked! you will also notice that she comes back onto the mat and finishes her front roll! I cannot figure out which one she is on the leap frog. I think she is one of the first ones that come across because she actually went across twice. The last time she goes across, she is the last girl that the curtain closes with.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outdoor Fun!!!

It has been raining a lot hear lately but we have been able to make it outside! I am SOOO happy to say that Daisy is now calm enough around the kids to let us out in our backyard to play on the playset! Seems like 1 is the magic number Daisy had to reach before calming down. She loves the kids so much and they are loving her a lot more now! We have been able to go out and not get wet a couple of times last week. The first day, Logan wasn't to crazy about Daisy. She's big 'n fast! He never was knocked over or anything, he was just unsure of her. Well, the next day, he was inlove with her! She would great the kids at the bottom of the slide and everytime he would giggle and cackle. I caught him several times trying to get her to chase him! I tried to tell him that that wasn't such a smart idea since she runs pretty fast and he runs maybe 1 mph! NOT a good combination! Enjoy some pictures of the kids playing outside in the lovely warm weather we are getting! I'm so glad it's hear to stay!!

Logan's Birthday!

We had a great time celebrating Logan's first birthday! His party was at my parents house and we all had a great time eating hotdogs, fishing and just playing outside. Logan loved opening his presents but, suprisingly, he didn't like his cake. He tasted it and then didn't care to take another bite! But that didn't stop the rest of us from enjoying the adorable and delicious cake that his Aunt Natalie made.

The day after his birthday, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese in Tuscaloosa. This has become somewhat of a tradition for us. Logan loved riding in the cars the most. He loves anything with a steering wheel. We were even lucky enough to see mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself! Mackenlee didn't want to get to close, so she waved to him but Logan was brave and got his picture taken with him!

On his birthday, we met some friends at the city park and had a blast swinging, sliding, climbing and sharing ice!