Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snowden Family Beach Trip 2009

This year we started a new tradition of going down to the beach for a week with all the Snowden's. We drove down on a Saturday morning and checked out the following saturday, with lots of fun smashed in between! We rented a little beach house on the Sound on Santa Rosa Island and it was wonderful! We had our own little beach that was small enough for the kids to felt comfortable enough to swim and play. When we got tired of swimming in water with no waves, we traveled across the street to the Gulf and the kids loved it there too! We spent our nights cooking different types of foods, looking for crabs and the guys went Mullet fishing. It was so relaxing and I can't wait until next year! Here are a few pictures from our trip!

From Left to Right: Wes, Logan, Mackenlee, John Taylor, Sierra,
Molly Katherine, and Mia
Actually, this is the first good picture I have gotten of all 7 of the grandkids! I can't believe that next summer there will be eight to try to keep still!
The Snowden Family:Sherry, Tim, Gran, Brian, Logan, Matt, Wes, Molly Katherine, Meredith, Mackenlee, Mark, Mia, John Taylor, Sierra, Natalie, Sarah Beth