Friday, February 26, 2010


and higher!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A playground poem...

It was a warm Friday morning
So we went out to play,
We saw friends at the park so we decided a while we would stay!
We were queen of the playground,

The taxi cab man,

Autumn loved the Slide
While Emmy and Anna swung,
all the while Alex shows Logan and Mackenlee his gun!
Sweet little Reagan was tired of me snapping
so instead I took pictures of sweet babes napping.

Mackenlee cheered happily as her friends play around,

While Reagan explores what is on the ground.
Logan sat and watched all the fun on the slide
and then it was time to say "good bye".

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flashback Friday

In honor of the snow we had last Friday, I decided that I should do a flashback friday with all of our family pictures in the snow. I think it's neat that each year a baby was added to the picture. The first picture was taken at the Riverside park in January of 2008. I was around 25 weeks pregnant with Logan and we had a blast playing in all the snow! Mackenlee had turned 2 the week before it snowed. The second picture was in March of 2009. Logan was 11 months old and Mackenlee was 3 years old. This was Logan's first time to see snow and he had a ball playing in it! The last picture was taken last friday. Mackenlee was 4, Logan was 21 months, and Ethan was 2 months. This time, Logan really got a chance to enjoy the snow. He played and played until he was forced to go inside because he was soaked! Mackenlee and Logan played well together, collecting snow in a little bowl to do who knows what with! This was Ethan's first snow and he was only out in it for about 2 minutes and during those 2 minutes he hated the white things landing on him and tickling his face. So far, it has snowed 3 times in Demopolis just this year! All 3 times was within 1 week. It's amazing. I can probably count on 1 hand how many times it snowed while I was growing up but so far in Mackenlee's life it has snowed 3 out of her 4 years. I think I need Al Gore to explain to me how all this global warming stuff works.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Last Friday, we woke up to SNOW!! Mackenlee was so excited and Logan was too, once he realized what snow was. We didn't get as much as our friends in MS, but we did get enough to play in for a little while. It was pretty much all gone by the end of the day, but the kids had fun. What's amazing is that since these pictures were taken, it has snowed two more times! None of that hung around but it's pretty much unheard-of for it to snow 3 times in 1 week in central Alabama. Al Gore is really on to something with all this global warming talk! Maybe he should come hang out in Alabama for a while and he might change his opinion on this because it's COLD here! Mackenlee is now expecting snow at least once a year. Every year that it snows, we have taken a family picture. I will have to dig around on all of our harddrives to see if I can find the pictures and post them. It's gotten to be kind of a tradition. Mainly becuase it always seems to snow around the same time of year. So it's nice to see Mackenlee grow and the other's being added. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Happy Birthday, Mia!

On Tuesday, Mia niece will be 3 years old! Time has gone by so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating all the big girls 3rd birthdays and now it Mia and Wes turning 3. thursday night, we all bundled up and headed to the carousel in Meridian for Mia's birthday party. We all had a great time, especially the kids. Her cake was cupcakes with carousel horse cookies in them and it was cute and perfect for the party!

Happy Birthday, Mia. I hope you have a wonderful day Tuesday! You are turning into such a sweet and beautiful young lady!


Sweet Valentine

Thursday was a party filled day for our 3 kids. Mackenlee had her valentine's day party at wee school and I volunteered to bring snacks. So that meant that Logan and Ethan got to party, too! Ethan didn't care too much. He just kinda sat back and watched all the kids run around but Logan was thrilled to join in! We started preparing the yummy treats for Thursday's party on Tuesday. We baked cookies and after they had cooled, we iced them. And then on Wednesday, we made the petit fours in 3 bright colors. We had a great time celebrating valentine's day with Mackenlee's friends and her teachers. We love WEE School!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pretty Pink Petits Fours

Aren't these the cutest valentine's treats? I found out how to make them from a popular blog that I read. McMama posted recently about these delectable treats and they looked easy enough for me to make. I do have a tendency of thinking that things look really easy and then freaking out in the middle of the project because it turned out to be a little bit harder than I expected. Well, this time I was pleasantly surprised that this project was fairly easy! I mean, this little treat makes be look like I am a confectionery artist! I enlisted the help of my 4 year old while the other 2 boys were napping. We gathered up everything we needed and we tried out hands at making petits fours. (And of course that involved grabbing my camera to document this occasion!)

Valentine Petits Fours

The first thing I did was pull up mckmama's blog so I can follow her instructions on how to make these precious things.

the things that you will need are Oreo Cakesters, Wilton pure white rolled fondant, red food coloring, white corn syrup, crystallised sugar, a rolling pen, and parchment paper.
I pinched off a chunk of the fondant and added a little of the red food coloring and kneaded it in.
Next, I unwrapped a package of the cakesters and set them on the parchment paper.
After the fondant has been rolled out, I used a round cookie cutter to make perfect circles to wrap around the cookies.
Place the circles on top of the cookies and gently smooth the top and around the edges. Be careful not to tear the fondant. After it is smoothed down, I cut the left over fondant off with a pizza cutter, leaving just a little to wrap under the bottom.

After the cake has been wrapped, I got some more of the white fondant and made it red. I let Mackenlee cut out little hearts that I will place on top of the petits fours. After she cut them out, I smoothed the edges so they look a little more finished.

Mackenlee and I placed the red hearts on top of the pink petits fours. They are looking more and more cute the closer I get to being finished!

The next step is to take the light corn syrup and thin it down with a little bit of water. Using a brand new paint brush, Mackenlee painted the corn syrup around the edges of the petits fours and then we rolled the edges in hot pink crystallised sugar.

Here are a few shots of the finished product!

So, I hope that you get a chance to make these super easy valentine treats. I am not near as afraid to tackle these for her party as I originally thought. I'm telling you, Mackenlee's going to have the coolest Valentine's day treats at her class party! So, get to creating and make this Valentine's day a little cuter!