Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby food 101

I remember when Mackenlee was eating baby food, that her absolute favorite was the sweet potatoes with apples. My mission with Ethan is to never have to buy packaged baby food from the grocery store. I want to make it all and it is so incredibly easy! Our freezer is filling up with many different yummy fruits and veggies just waiting on Ethan to eat them. Ethan has had both sweet potatoes and apples with no side affects so while I was making some fresh applesauce and sweet potatoes, I decided to make a couple of bags of sweet potatoes with apples...and he LOVES them! Now I will share with you, just how easy it is to make your own baby food!
Sweet Potatoes with Apples:
Several red apples (I used Gala) several sweet potatoes
Peel and dice the apples and put them in a pan in about an inch of water and cook until tender. Be careful not to cook the apples to where they are the consistancy of applesauce. At that point they are over cooked. They will be ready when you can slide a fork through them easily. While preparing the apples, have the sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, or until done.
After cooking the apples, place the apples in your food processor. Puree' them until smooth, adding water (perferrably from the pan that you cooked the apples in) until you get the consistancy that you need for your baby.
Once the sweet potatoes are done. Remove them from the oven and let them cool enough to handle. Peel the sweet potatoes and place the "meat" of the potato in the food processor. Puree' until smooth, adding water to thin to the desired consistancy
After the apples and the sweet potatoes have been puree'd, measure out equal portions and combine in the storage bag of your choice. (obviously, mine were left over breast milk bags! which work great, by the way!)
Now, put them in your freezer and your baby will love them when it's time for him/her to start eating their first bites of food!

Can Someone Please...

get this boy an iPhone?

Crawfish Time!

1 point frozen peanut butter cups

Since doing weight watchers, I have found it my mission to find yummy sweet snacks that are low in points but also satisfy that sweet tooth. I stumbled across this recipe for frozen peanut butter cups the other day and we tried them and I think they are well worth sharing! So here is the recipe:

1 point frozen peanut butter cups
  • 1 small tub of fat free cool whip (I used sugar free because that's all I could find in our town, just 1 gram of fat.)
  • 2 tbsps of reduced fat peanut butter
  • sugar free chocolate syrup
  • cupcake wrappers

Dump the cool whip into a bowl and add the peanut butter. Mix until well blended.

Line a muffin pan with the cupcake wrappers (makes 12 servings) and spoon in mixture equally into the cups.

Drizzle with a little bit of the chocolate syrup
Then put in the freezer.
Once they are frozen, they are like yummy frozen peanut butter ice cream treats!

Soccer has started

Mackenlee is playing rec soccer this spring and having a ball! This spring they are having a practice league, which the kids practice for a little while and then have a two 10-minute half game. She is loving every bit of it and looks forward to soccer each week. Did I mention that Brian is also coaching? He is having fun being with Mackenlee (when she's not too busy playing on the other team...yeah, you read that correctly...she wouldn't be on her daddy's team.). What do Logan and Ethan do while Mackenlee plays soccer? Why pick flowers, find extra balls and kick them around, and take naps, that's what! We all have a great time each week out at the soccer fields and afterwards, great naps are had by all.
Mackenlee seems to be very competitive in this sport. She gets so upset when she misses the goal or has the ball taken away from her. So outside of her meltdowns in the middle of the field (which are pretty funny to watch) she has a great time and is catching on quickly to the "no hands on the ball" rules of soccer. Enjoy the pictures from her first week of practice!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fishing...

We spent the evening of Easter with my parents out at Rainbow Lakes. We went straight down to the pier and went fishing and Mackenlee actually caught 2 brim, one being a little baby. We enjoyed hamburgers on the grill for dinner and lots and lots of running around done by the kids.

Side note: This picture of me and Brian is about half way through my weight loss. Not really sure how much more brian wants to lose, though. I am so glad that I am able to stick with weight watchers and hopefully meet my goal weight in the near future!

Easter Sunday

We spent Easter Sunday at Brian's parents house. We all had a great time, with great food and great fellowship! The kids all had a blast playing with each other outside for most of the afternoon. My kids still have not caught up on sleep from Sunday! They played soo hard!

Down on the Farm...kinda...

On Good Friday, we drove over to Meridian and went to the First Baptist Church of Meridian's Easter Egg hunt. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we all had a great time! There was a petting zoo along with pony rides, inflatables and, of course, an egg hunt followed by a visit from the Easter bunny! Logan spent most of the time in the petting zoo tending to the animals. He made sure that they were all fed and watered and all loved on. So much so, that as we were leaving the petting zoo and getting ready to head home, he had to give all the animals a hug. What a sweet little boy with a huge heart for animals!
Mackenlee loved the little chicks, bunnies, and the ponies. She did enter the petting zoo, but live stock is apparently not her thang so she stuck with the sweet little chicks and bunnies. She loved them so much! She also really loved the pony ride.