Sunday, October 24, 2010

The kids went to Starkville for the afternoon and all they brought home were a bunch of beads!

Brian and I both graduated from Mississippi State way back in 2003 and we had to opportunity to take our 3 kids up to the campus on Friday night for the homecoming parade, pep rally, and family fun. We were fortunate to have season tickets for a few years after we graduated, but we haven't been to a game in about 3 years and we have seriously missed the excitement of Mississippi State football. Our school has not always been known for it's awesome football team, so it's really saying something when I say that I have literally been a DIE HARD MSU fan my entire life. (Mainly because my daddy would have kicked me out the front door if I ever dared mentioned the word "ole miss" within earshot of him). The kids were so excited that they were going to get to see Bully, the cheerleaders and the band. Mackenlee is now obsessed with becoming a cheerleader when she is a grown-up. I personally think she would be a cute one! Just look how much she adores Bully! We collected lots of beads, to the extent where I questioned if we were at MSU or at Mardi Gras, ran around in the Junction, cheered with the cheerleaders and the football players, and then went to Abner's to eat dinner. It was a great night and we all had a lot of fun. It is amazing how much the city has grown since we were there just 7 years ago. Mackenlee left begging to go to the football game. I am so happy that my baby girl is so interested in my football team!
Oh, and I almost left out the best part!!! I got to meet and take a picture with our head coach, Dan Mullen! It was the highlight of my night! We ended up winning the football game Saturday night, but it was a close one. The one thing our Bulldogs know how to do is keep their fans on their toes. Our team has been pretty good this year, with us being nationally ranked (#24) after last weeks amazing win against Florida! We are now 6-2 and that is an awesome thing, because we haven't been that in a LONG time! Way to go Dawgs!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch take 2

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to tag along with the homeschool group, here in Demopolis, to a pumpkin patch in Mississippi. We arrived there at 9:30 and toured the pumpkin patch for 2+ hours. We had brought a picnic lunch so we were set to play as much as we wanted and not have to worry about going to get something to eat. What a beautiful day our God gave us for our fieldtrip! It wasn't too hot or too cold and there was not a cloud in the sky. Absolutely beautiful day! I am not sure how many kids came, but there were a lot! Good thing they had lots of room for all of them to run and play! We have never been to this pumpkin patch and it was a lot of fun. We had a hayride pulled by a John Deere tractor (insert an excited gasp from Logan here) that took us to the pumpkin patch where each child got to pick out a little pumpkin. After picking our pumpkins, we went back up to the pavillion where there were space jumps, duck races (a BIG hit), corn maze and a petting zoo with ponies! Right before we left, all the kids got popcicles to cool off. What a great end to a great time! We all had a great time and Logan and Ethan slept all the way back home. Below are some (ok a lot) of the pictures that I took!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Last game this fall

This past Tuesday was Mackenlee's last soccer game of the season. Although we hate to see the season end, I am so glad to have my Tuesdays and Thursdays back! We had a little soccer party at the end of the game and Mackenlee and I brought cupcakes! Aren't they cute?
You will notice that Logan brings his bag of cars to the soccer fields too. He takes them everywhere and this is how he spends most of the time on the sidelines.
Ethan proved that he could stand for a while. And he knew no one was holding him! BIG step forward! haha!
Mackenlee did this during halftime. She said she didn't want any water and just wanted to play some more. Poor thing!
After the game, they all shook hands like sweet player! What a fun game!
Brian passed out the trophies after the game. The kids were so excited about it! Mackenlee has actually slept with her trophy since she has gotten it. She LOVES it!!
Brian and his first soccer team! What a great season, guys!! And great job Mackenlee! What a good soccer player you have turned out to be! Can't wait to play in the spring.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

playing trains...

Does anyone else's livingroom floor look like this? Logan puts a whole new meaning to the word "traincar". He has an engine followed by literal cars. This little boy is obsessed with any type of car. He carries them in bags, baskets, buckets, backpacks, basically whatever he can get his hands on that will hold his extensive collection of Hotwheels. He sleeps with them and every morning, he takes about 5 minutes gathering up all the cars out of his bed and putting them in his bag to make it up the stairs and to our bed. Although I hate stepping on these things, I kinda hope this stage lasts a while.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I cannot believe it. Scratch that. I refuse to believe it. 5 years ago this month, we started introducing the world to a whole new generation of Snowden's, and ALL girls, at that! That's right. Natalie, Meredith and I were all pregnant at the same time, with girls and within three months there would be 3 more additions to the Snowden family. We were all beaming with excitement over the fact that we were about to have our first born child, let alone it be a little girl! Fast forward 5 years and they are starting to turn 5! NOOOO! These sweet little babies have now grown to be witty, smart and beautiful young ladies. There is not an ounce of "baby" in them anymore as they are learning to read and getting ready to start kindergarten next August. There have been several more new additions since then, but these 3 girls, as a whole, have a special place in my heart. They are the ring leaders, each one of them bringing a different form of greatness to the table, and I pray that all three of them will grow to be remarkable Christian women.

Happy Birthday, Sierra! We love you and the young lady that you have grown up to be!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Fall

We went to a local pumpkin patch a couple of weekends ago, and before we left I took advantage of my mom being around and got her to snap a family picture of us. I don't think we have ever had one taken with Ethan in it so it was way past due. I am in love with this picture! The kids participated so well and were eager to have their picture taken. I was shocked! Most of all, I am now happy to have a current family photo that is frame worthy! (Cat, I may be getting in touch with you for a frame. gotta get Brian in on it though!)

Having 3 children with two of them under 2 years apart means the difficulty of getting a good picture of the three of them together is borderline impossible! This is the best that I could do. Logan was throwing a fit. I had to bribe him with going to the grandparents house in order for him to appear to not be screaming his head off. Ethan sat in this position all of 2/10's of a second before he crawled off. The only child that was willing to participate was Mackenlee. She's my little camera hog. Hopefully we will get some cute pictures tomorrow when we go to the other area pumpkin patch with the homeschoolers! I can't wait! What a fun morning it's going to be for all the kids going, and there are going to be a BUNCH of kids going!

~Have a great afternoon! Sarah

Painting Pumpkins

A couple of weekends ago, we got a visit from Meredith, Molly Katherine and Wes. They drove all the way from Texas to come to Sierra's (our other niece) 5th birthday party. We tried to spend as much time as we could with them while they were in MS. Sierra's birthday party was at Lazy Acres Plantation, which is a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm, close to our home. We had a lot of fun at the party, and eventually, I will get around to posting pictures from the party. We go every year and LOVE that place and this year they have made some big changes to the layout of the pumpkin patch and the activities that they provide. It was a blast and I think the kids had fun too! ha!
We went over to Brian's parent's house on Sunday and painted the pumpkins that we picked out at the pumpkin patch. What an artistic bunch we have! Molly Katherine decided to paint her's with stripes and then changed her mind and put her hand prints all over it. It looked pretty neat when her masterpiece was finished. Mackenlee saw what Molly Katherine was doing and did her own handprints on one side and a rainbow on the other. Logan was very meticulous and painted the stem ever so carefully, and then put dots all over his pumpkin While Wes painted stripes on his (I believe, he really wouldn't let me get a picture of him so this is the best one I got). All 4 of them were beautiful masterpieces that the kids were very proud of. Most of all, we really enjoyed visiting the the Texas Snowden's! Enjoy the pictures!