Saturday, January 29, 2011

Milk and Cookies for a 5 year old

Mackenlee has been five for almost a month now, but we just had her party! It was suppose to be in our church's gym (you know since January is suppose to be COLD) but I checked the weather when I woke up this morning and was delighted to see "71 and sunny"! So we opted for the church playground, instead. All the kids had a blast and the outdoors went wonderfully with the colors of her party!
This party was fairly easy/inexpensive to put together. The big signs were made from an old packing crate that Brian brought home from work. The cookie jars were a lucky find at Dirt Cheap for a 1.00 a piece and the drink dispensers came from Dirt Cheap as well! (Have I ever mentioned how much I love some Dirt Cheap??). The cookie jars were filled with 6 different wonderful homemade cookies and the kids got to choose from white, chocolate and strawberry milk to go along with their cookies.
The cake was also made my me. I am actually pretty proud with how it came out! But enough with the typing! Enjoy the pictures!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday party sneak peak!

Next saturday is Mackenlee's 5th (wow, still can't believe it) birthday party. We are celebrating by having a Milk and Cookies party! I am so excited and have tons left to do. I can't wait to see everything all put together. I will post full details of her party with pictures afterwards. Enjoy the "sneak peak". :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you know?

What this... has to do with this??

Last Friday, we spent our afternoon raking leaves in the front yard. A couple of weeks ago, we had a storm system come through and it was really windy. And with all that wind came all of our neighbor's leaves! Good for them, but bad for us! ha! We just got around to raking them up. Mainly because we were suppose to have a bunch of snow come and I wanted it to stick to the ground rather than to a bunch of leaves. So we all went outside and raked, and played in the leaves! But what does Logan's blue Croc have anything to do with those trashbags? Well, if you know Logan at all, you know he CANNOT keep his shoes on. This particular Croc was found outside the next morning and I am almost positive that it's mate is somewhere inside one of those bags.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hay 4 Sale...

. . . but if these horses have any say about it, not for long! ha!
(Sorry for the poor quality. This picture was taken while going down the road at 55 mph. don't worry, hubby was driving. )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter wonderland ... kinda

A "winter storm" was suppose to come through our area on Sunday night and dump 1-3 inches of snow on us and lots of ice. Well, this is about all we got. Nasty sleet and freezing rain all day long. The kids were disappointed that we didn't get any snow but we had Mackenlee's 5th birthday to keep our minds occupied! We decided to bring our dog, Daisy, in last night since our back yard is covered in cedar trees and I didn't want one to snap from the ice and fall on her house. She LOVED being inside. Granted it took a lot of work to get her inside. You see, we have a small Maltese that follows Brian every where he goes. So, when I asked Brian to go bring Daisy (a Britney Spaniel) in, he expected her to behave like CJ, our Maltese, does. Wrong! Daisy ran out of the gate and down the street. He went chasing after her, calling her and even getting the Expedition cranked and de-iced. At that time, I stepped outside and glanced at our neighbors house and said "there she is and called her to come here. Of course, she ran straight to me! I was able to pick her up (all 40 pounds) and carry her in the house. It's really sad when you have to carry your 40 pound dog into your home. You see, Daisy is afraid of our stairs. Like it really freaks her out! I'm not too sure why, but she took one look inside our front door and bolted. Silly dog. Once I was able to get her indoors and upstairs, she was perfectly fine and enjoyed being inside for a while. After the adventure of almost losing my dog, I was glad to have a low key day today. We are, on the other hand, very excited about WEE School starting back tomorrow for the older 2. And they are excited as well!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mackenlee!

Today, my baby girl turns 5. I absolutely cannot believe it!! Where did the time go? 5 years ago today I checked into the hospital at 6:00 am in the morning, scared out of my mind of the impending C-section. Little did I know that I should have been a little more concerned about how that tiny big bundle of sweetness was going to rock my world. 5 years later, she is all girl! LOVES pink, changes clothes 5,496 times a day, loves to wear makeup, and is a big time drama queen! Although it is challenging at times, I would not change it for the world! Happy Birthday, Mackenlee!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

For the first time EVER in my lifetime, it snowed on Christmas day!!! And not only did it snow on Christmas day, but it also snowed the day after...most of the day! If you look closely in these pictures you will be able to see some flurries. Now, this is the south so of course we didn't have snow piled up on the banks of the roads but it was fun to let the kids play in the falling snow and not have to deal with any of the "annoyances" of snow. The kids were on the mend from the flu but me and Brian were still pretty sick. So we got to sit and watch the kids enjoy it from inside or from the front porch. Logan didn't care to much about it. He was outside long enough to say "yeah, I played in the snow" and then he ran inside murmuring something about it being "col owetide" and went to go play with the hot wheels you see in his hands. (It also could have something to do with the girly hat that was placed on his sweet head, who knows.) It looks like we may be experiencing more of this winter weather next week! Mackenlee will be so happy if it snows on her birthday. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

(Molly Katherine, Mackenlee, Sierra)
(Sierra, Mackenlee, Mia, Molly Katherine)