Sunday, April 17, 2011

Logan Turns 3!

Logan will turn 3 on the 23rd and we celebrated Logan's 3rd birthday yesterday with lots of friends and family, construction style! Logan has been talking about his "struction" party since January and was so excited for this day to arrive. I had been searching the internet for different party ideas when I stumbled upon Kara's Party Ideas and I found a few things to go on there! If you are looking for any type of party idea, go there. She's amazing!
The first thing that I wanted was some sort of backdrop to the cake table. I finally decided on making some road signs. I just used some big cardboard boxes and cut them to shape. Spray painted them for the main color and then used stincils to paint the words on. Brian then stapled them to a 2x4 and hung them on a T-post and stuck it in the ground. As you can see by the speed limit sign, Logan turns 3 this year!
For our party favors, we handed out tool belts from Lowe's with "tool" cookies tucked in one of the pockets. I made the cookies, both phillips head and flat head screwdrivers, saw, wrench, and a bulldozer. I also made the "Thank you for Coming" party tags and just used the strings from the apron to tie the tag on. I tucked them inside 2 orange buckets that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
The food was so much fun to think of! We had pretzel rods (lumber), chex mix (nuts and bolts), black and white M&M's (gravel), cheese balls (wrecking balls), and marshmallows coated in sugar crystals (safety cones). I got a little help with the food names on a post that I found when I was just googling the idea. I would post the link, but I can't find it! All this tucked in a stackable tool tray and a red paint tray that I purchased at Lowe's.
We placed the forks and napkins in a tool belt (lined with a napkin inside) and the napkins were secured around the forks with zip ties. I thought that added such a cute little detail. Brian thought I had gone nuts. ;)
The cake was a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I made it and decorated it using pieces of fondant to make it look like the cake had been "dug" in. the Cat truck was bought at Wal-Mart and I filled the dump truck with Reisin's chopped in half and with chocolate rock candy. This was a 4 layer cake with alternating yellow and orange layers on the inside. This cake was so much fun to make!
The candles were safety cones that you can purchase from Birthday Express. They are so cute and added the perfect touch to his cake!
After cake and snacks, Logan opened his presents and absolutely loved everything! I had a friend make his little outfit, both the shorts and the shirt and he loved the dump truck on his shirt. I can't wait for him to be able to wear it again.
One of his presents was a real set of tools and he could wait to open them when we got home. He opened them up, but on his goggles and got to "work" helping his daddy work on his playhouse!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shark Tooth Creek

This week our kids are on spring break and we are packing it with lots of fun! Today we drove to Aliceville, AL to spend the day at Shark Tooth Creek sorting through rocks, and water looking for incrediably old shark teeth. We walked up and down the creek, digging through pebbles in ankle deep water and collecting little (well sometimes big) teeth and putting them in our little plastic bag. Afterwards we road back to the pavillion and had a picnic and, let me tell you, these kids ate, and ate, and ate! After lunch, we went up to the playworld and played on the awesomist (is that a word?) playhouse I have ever seen. Maybe I can get Brian to build Logan the same awesome playhouse! Logan and Ethan were passed out asleep before we pulled out of the driveway and all three took good naps this afternoon. Enjoy the pictures and if you want any info on Shark Tooth Creek, feel free to email me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playhouse update!

This weekend was the second weekend that we were able to work on the kids' playhouse and it is coming along so quickly! Not too much left to do and I am praying it won't get ruined in today's storms. I cannot wait until it is finished and it has it's little dutch door and flower boxes under the windows.

I do need some ideas for decorating the inside, though. So any suggestions would be great! Although we are building this for Logan's birthday present, it does need to be unisex since we do have a little girl that will be spending lots of time in there as well!

Inside this 8x8 playhouse there will be a loft in the back with a ladder. I am thinking a soft cushion the length of the loft for them to sit on and 2 big pillows. There will eventually be a small kitchen "downstairs" probably under the loft area. We have some left over laminate flooring (the kind that looks like hardwood floors) that Brian is wanting to put in it and left over beadboard that we are thinking of using as the interior walls.

I am not sure how much work will get done on it this weekend because we have Logan's birthday party and the Historical Society's Easter egg hunt this weekend. I am hoping that we can work on it some, though! I am ready to see this playhouse is going to look like when it is finished!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Writing's on the Wall

What on earth am I going to do with these kids?? I mean, who taught them that it would be ok to paint on walls?
and do so without a care. No concern. No apologies.

and an obvious lack of concern for their clothing. I mean, geesh! They could have at least worn some old play clothes. I guess another way they are acting out their rebellion.

oh, and such sassy looks....

Maybe I should stop photographing my kids doing such scandilous things and get to work teaching them about respect for property.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What on are they up to?

What are these 2 up to? Why, building Logan's birthday present, of course! Stay tuned, because I will be posting pics of the progress on Logan's playhouse. Hopefully it will be done by his birthday, April 23rd!