Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Future Power Co. employees

It was a slow day today in the power industry at Greene Co today (due to the holiday weekend that is upon us and a golf tournament) so I took the kids out to see what their daddy does all day. They were anxiously awaiting our trip out to the plant so they could tour the place and see exactly how power is made. Not sure if they understood any of it (or really if Brian shared how it works. Knowing him, though, he probably did) . Sorry the pictures aren't great. These are from my phone since I didn't want to take my good camera out to the nasty coal burning plant. Our first stop was to daddy's office where the kids got to see a piece of coal that they burn. Mackenlee was facinated at the fact that the coal was created from the dinosaurs. Logan just thought it was neat in general. ha! Apparently I interupted Mackenlee in the middle of her busy work schedule. She is my future little engineer. She thinks so much like her daddy, that it's scary! She is like a girly, pink lovin', lipstick lovin' clone of him.
Brian took the older two all around the plant. The kids say that they rode the elevator (Logan's favorite part) and went to a really loud area and went to the roof (both were Mackenlee's favorite part). Brian took a picture of them on the roof.
It appears that once they got back to the office, Mackenlee had some more work to finish up before we could go home. Logan had to sit and supervise.
Ethan chased laser dots around on the ground. Silly baby.
And the best part of the tour was the hard hats that the kids got to take home. Logan even snuck out with Brian's safety glasses. If he gets his way, he will be wearing those for the next month. The boy loves sunglasses. Probably because he looks so cool in them. hehe!
After the tour, Brian came home with us (like I said, slow day in the Greene Co power industry) and we went to pizza hut for lunch.

Monday, May 30, 2011


We went camping last weekend. Let me start out by saying that I don't camp. My husband likes to camp but my version of camping involves a Hilton with a nice fluffy bed, and room service. I am not big on bugs, sweating, and no sleep. Yet we packed up our camper and drove it to Foscue Park here in town, unpacked everything and set up.
We were suppose to be out there begining Friday night but at 4:45 my daughter woke up with a high fever, complaining of her stomach and her throat hurting. I was about 20 minutes away from home when I got the phone call telling me that and the doctors office closes at 4:30 so to the ER because there is no place that I can take her in town on a Saturday. She tested positive for strep yet again and then we went home and started our medicine. She woke up Saturday morning feeling a lot better and no fever, so we loaded up the camper and she took it easy with minimal playing and lots of time inside the camper with the air conditioning and a DVD player.
When we got there, Ethan was very interested in everything about the camper. He "helped" unpack and set it up while the other 2 went to check out the playground that was literally right beside our campsite. We brought their bikes, bubbles and anything else that might keep them entertained outside but the playground was lots of fun. It was really nice to be able to sit at our campsite and watch the kids play then go stand in that sand!
Logan had found a phone at the playground and had to make an important phone call. He was calling Poppa and talking with him. Silly Logan.
We ate dinner (hotdogs cooked in the microwave with chips) inside in the air since Mackenlee needed to cool off a bit and then we went outside to do s'mores on the campfire.
The kids loved those! Ethan didn't really know what to do with all the mess they made so after half of his first one, he opted to eat just the graham crackers. Mackenlee and Logan each got a turn to help daddy roast the marshmallow for their s'more and then they made them themselves.
After s'mores, the kids took one more trip around the circle on their bikes. Logan saw Mackenlee's bike and spent about 10 minutes trying to climb on it. He would climb on, fall off the other side. Climb on and flip the bike over. Never crying, he would just get back up, set the bike back up and try again. Finally he got his balance just right to where he sat on it without flipping it over. And then he started peddling!! My son, who could barely reach the peddles actually rode the bike by himself. He is one determined little boy.
Sleeping that night was not as fun to me as it sounds. The kids went to sleep pretty easily but as soon as 10:00 came around (when the campsite closes it's gates) Ethan started to wake up and cry and that happened for a while. Brian moved to the side of the bed that I was sleeping on and said "I thought it would be easier on you to help the kids if we just switched spots." That comment made me a little upset because I didn't want to be out there to begin with and then he was making me take care of the kids??! Mercy! I forgave him and tried to go back to sleep and then Logan woke up several times with coughing fits. Not nebulizer or inhaler. I couldn't wait to see 6:00 on my phone (that's when the gates opened again and i could get out!).
We are going camping again for Brian's birthday. I doubt me and Ethan will be sleeping out there but we will definitely be coming out there to play and to fish. Maybe this next time will go a little smoother. Next time we will use an air mattress. My bones are less forgiving than I am.

Friday, May 27, 2011

End of an Era....

I have always thought that graduation from pre-school is silly. I mean, it's not really that big of a step. The whole cap and gown and pomp and circumstance. It has always seemed a little much. These children aren't being sent out on their own, to make a life for themselves or move away from home to further their education. They are simply going to kindergarten. Going from a private pre-K to the public system.
Yet, there was just something about seeing my first born up on stage with all of her school friends, singing Friends Forever, that made me realize that she has grown up so much over the past year. She has matured so much is really turning into a young lady. She is complete fearless jumping into kindergarten with both feet. She is beyond excited and can't wait to make that big step, into the school system. My little girl is a young scholar. She definitely doesn't get that from me. I did just enough to get by and thankfully I have enough sense that doing just that got me good grades. But Mackenlee loves to figure things out. Look and see how things work. Add. Subtract. I can't wait to see how much she is going to grow and learn through the next year.
Mackenlee, we love you very much and so proud of the young lady that you are turning into! You make us so proud!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"On the good ship, Lollipop

It's a sweet trip to the candy shop!

Where the bon bons play,

on the sunny beach

of peppermint bay.

Lemonaid stands, everywhere crackerjack bands, fill the air,
And there you are, happy landings on a chocolate bar, See the sugar bowl, Do a tootsie roll, in a big bad devil's food cake

if you eat too much, oh, oh, You'll awake, with a tummy ache!"

On the Good Ship, Lollipop - Shirley Temple

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our little garden

This is our second year at the attempt to have a garden and so far things are turning out great! Last year we grew tomatoes (tons of them), eggplant, bell peppers (epic failure) , banana peppers and jalapeno peppers (tons of these too!) and this year we have cut back a little. We are doing Roma tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, squash, eggplant (forgot to take a picture of those because they are being taken over by the squash and their big overbearing leaves) and strawberries. So far the strawberries are my favorite! I wanted to do those last year but we waited too late to plant. We have pretty much only been able to eat one at a time, and it has been mostly the kids eating them. But the 1/2 of one that I got was really sweet! I was so proud! Sadly, a bird has gotten a few of them. Mackenlee calls them "Berry Birds" from watching Strawberry Shortcake and Logan gets really upset when he sees that a bird has dined on one of his berries. He will come up to me with this stern look on his face and say matter of factly "a bird ate MY berry!!"
Our squash are doing magnificently! I didn't realize how much room they would take up. Our poor little eggplants aren't getting any sun because of these things. They are really pretty plants and have really large, pretty yellow/orange flowers. The squash themselves, well, they kinda look like a phallic symbol. It took a while to actually get a shot of them without having to make this blog post rated PG-13. Ha! We have several that are close to being ready to pick and I can't wait to have grilled squash fresh from our garden!!
Our cucumbers are doing wonderful as well! They and the squash really took off while we were gone last week. We left on a Saturday, stayed in Texas for a week, and came back and it was like a time warp. These things had quadrupled in size in just a week!! We have several cucumbers on their way!
Our tomatoes are also growing like gangbustas. We have tons of tomatoes that are growing bigger every day. I am so ready for them to turn red but I may end up picking a few green ones so we can have fried green tomatoes one night. That is one of my most favorite things to eat during the summer.
All the kids are really enjoying the garden. They check it every day and love to give it water and pull any weeds that may have dared to grow in their garden. This was such a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies last summer. They helped grow it, they picked it and they enjoyed eating it! I hope that it will work out the same way this time! I am hoping I will have some posts about what we will be canning soon.

Soccer time!

Soccer season started a few weeks ago and this is Mackenlee's 3 season to play. She absolutely loves it! Our spring season is more of a practice season, so (at least for the U6) all the kids are grouped together and not put on teams. They do all sorts of drills and then there is a scrimmage at the end of each practice. She loves it and she seems to be pretty good at it. Kicking the ball has always seemed natural for her. Even when she was little, she perferred to kick balls rather than throw them. Mackenlee has missed the past two practices due to us being on vacation but she is looking forward to this Saturday when she can get back onto the field.
This Saturday is going to be a busy day for us, which seems to be the norm lately. Along with soccer, we have 3 birthday parties to go to. Hopefully all the soccer, and partying will make the kids sleep in a little Sunday morning!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Jeep lovin' boys!

These are my boys. Logan...

and Ethan...

The pictures of Logan were taken last May when he was 24 months...

These of Ethan were taken today. He will be 18 months old this month.
I just love my Jeep lovin' boys!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Horsen' around

After arriving home at 10:00 friday evening, tired and worn from a long drive home, we all slept in a little on Saturday morning. Well, Brian and I tried to sleep in. There is no such thing as sleeping in if you are under the age of 10 in our house, unfortunately. We did manage to wake up slowly, cook breakfast and then unload the car. Mackenlee had been invited to a birthday party and we needed the car cleaned out so I could take her to it. While me and Mackenlee were at the party, Brian and the boys spent some quality time with our pups, playing in the back yard. So much quality time, in fact, that when Brian went to put Ethan down for his nap, Logan went running to gather up his puppy and his silky and said "I wanna take nap too!!!" Brian probably needed to record that because I am sure that is the only time he will ever say it.
The birthday party was at her friends house out in the county and they had gotten some horses from a friend to do pony rides. Mackenlee had a blast riding horses, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the playhouse, eating pizza and birthday cake and riding horses again with all of her friends. Needless to say, she was exhausted and took a long nap when we got home. We have had a very restful weekend and the kids are ready to get back to wee school to see all of their friends!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

last leg of TX vacation

Wednesday morning we got up and loaded up the car and said "goodbye" to the beautiful city of San Antonio. We traveled north for a couple of hours and ended up in Waco to visit Brian's bother and family. All the kids were so excited to see each other. The girls slept in Molly's room and the boys slept in Wes'. Well, all but Ethan. He slept in the pack-n-play in the room with us. Actually he slept part of the night in the pack-n-play and then got in the bed with us.
Thursday morning, we got ready and went to MK and Wes' end of the year school program and saw MK graduate from pre-K. Mackenlee really liked listening to the kids sing their songs and then eating sandwiches and cookies for lunch. After naptime, Mimi, Pop and Gran arrived at the house and we all celebrated by having a sprinkler party, with pizza and cupcakes.
We headed back home on friday but not before a trip to the playground around the corner from Matt and Meredith's house. The kids played hard and all of them pretty much fell asleep before we got out of Waco. We left around 11:30 am but didn't make it home until 10:00 pm. We got caught in traffic right at the stateline from a horrible car accident and moved 5 mph for 1 hour. It seemed to take forever to get across the state of Louisana and I don't think I have ever been so excited to see the Welcome to Mississippi sign! When we crossed the mighty Mississippi River going into Vicksburg, I was amazed at how flooded the river was. The picture doesn't really show it that well, but the river looks like a delta right now, rather than just a river. And Vicksburg is not near the mouth of the river!
We are glad to be home today, and have spent the majority of the day resting after a birthday party with Mackenlee this morning. I told Brian it would be a long time before I get into a car and drive 12 hours again with 3 kids! Sorry for the ton of pictures but enjoy looking at them. We had a great time in Texas but really ready to get back to every day life and see friends.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Remember the Alamo!"

Day 3 was spent in downtown San Antonio and we spent most of the day there. From 9:30 to 4:00! Our first stop was the Alamo where we promptly bought jackets for the kids. (Didn't pack long sleeves or pants because the weather channel said we didn't need to. Don't always listen to the weather channel.) It did warm up after a while, but with about 20 mph winds and a temp of about 58, it was C-O-L-D! I just noticed that I uploaded this pictures completely out of order and I don't really feel like redoing it. So just bare with me! hehe!
We visited HemisFair park where we found a huge playground that the kids had a blast playing on. Mackenlee made friends with several kids there, and she played and played. Logan and Ethan spent their time swinging!
We also went to the Tower of the Americas. We decided to not go up to the top so instead we just looked at all the waterfalls surrounding it.
Now, back to the Alamo. This is a live oak tree that was transported here as a full grown tree. It was the first full grown tree that was ever transplanted! It was planted there in 1914 and, like I said, it was full grown when it was transported. Brian said it was about 40 years old, but not too sure. Either way, that's one old tree!!
Mackenlee posed for me in front of the waterfalls at the Tower of the americas.
We spent a lot of time at the Riverwalk where we did the riverboat tour. We all loved it and was very informative!
At 2 different times, this is what we saw. Logan has been fighting allergies all week, with ear pains and all so we have seen him fall asleep a lot over the past couple of days. He actually took 2 naps yesterday and slept the whole time we were at the tower of the americas. We had to wake him up so he could see the playground.
Ethan fell asleep while swinging. He ended up missing out on ice cream because of his little nap. After playing on the playground we decided to head back to the Riverwalk and go to the Marble Slab and get the kids a cup of ice cream. After dining on chocolate with m&m's (Logan) and strawberry with marshmallows (Mackenlee) we headed back to the car and went back to the hotel.
Traveling and eating out with 3 small kids can be very difficult so I was so excited to see that the hotel that we are staying at offers FREE food every evening from 5:30-7:00. Food that the kids would be eating at a restaurant that we would be paying 5.99 a plate for. Things like chicken tenders, mac and cheese, hotdogs, etc. And for us? Well, we have been dining on baked potatoes, tacos, and nachos. Sure, it's not the fanciest place to eat out. But when you have 3 small kids and the food is quickly served, the dining area is not crowded, it makes for a VERY pleasurable eating expierence and we are able to save that money to do more fun things! Next we head north up to Waco to visit Brian's older brother and family for our niece's pre-K graduation before heading back home Friday. So far, this has been a great vacation!