Monday, May 30, 2011


We went camping last weekend. Let me start out by saying that I don't camp. My husband likes to camp but my version of camping involves a Hilton with a nice fluffy bed, and room service. I am not big on bugs, sweating, and no sleep. Yet we packed up our camper and drove it to Foscue Park here in town, unpacked everything and set up.
We were suppose to be out there begining Friday night but at 4:45 my daughter woke up with a high fever, complaining of her stomach and her throat hurting. I was about 20 minutes away from home when I got the phone call telling me that and the doctors office closes at 4:30 so to the ER because there is no place that I can take her in town on a Saturday. She tested positive for strep yet again and then we went home and started our medicine. She woke up Saturday morning feeling a lot better and no fever, so we loaded up the camper and she took it easy with minimal playing and lots of time inside the camper with the air conditioning and a DVD player.
When we got there, Ethan was very interested in everything about the camper. He "helped" unpack and set it up while the other 2 went to check out the playground that was literally right beside our campsite. We brought their bikes, bubbles and anything else that might keep them entertained outside but the playground was lots of fun. It was really nice to be able to sit at our campsite and watch the kids play then go stand in that sand!
Logan had found a phone at the playground and had to make an important phone call. He was calling Poppa and talking with him. Silly Logan.
We ate dinner (hotdogs cooked in the microwave with chips) inside in the air since Mackenlee needed to cool off a bit and then we went outside to do s'mores on the campfire.
The kids loved those! Ethan didn't really know what to do with all the mess they made so after half of his first one, he opted to eat just the graham crackers. Mackenlee and Logan each got a turn to help daddy roast the marshmallow for their s'more and then they made them themselves.
After s'mores, the kids took one more trip around the circle on their bikes. Logan saw Mackenlee's bike and spent about 10 minutes trying to climb on it. He would climb on, fall off the other side. Climb on and flip the bike over. Never crying, he would just get back up, set the bike back up and try again. Finally he got his balance just right to where he sat on it without flipping it over. And then he started peddling!! My son, who could barely reach the peddles actually rode the bike by himself. He is one determined little boy.
Sleeping that night was not as fun to me as it sounds. The kids went to sleep pretty easily but as soon as 10:00 came around (when the campsite closes it's gates) Ethan started to wake up and cry and that happened for a while. Brian moved to the side of the bed that I was sleeping on and said "I thought it would be easier on you to help the kids if we just switched spots." That comment made me a little upset because I didn't want to be out there to begin with and then he was making me take care of the kids??! Mercy! I forgave him and tried to go back to sleep and then Logan woke up several times with coughing fits. Not nebulizer or inhaler. I couldn't wait to see 6:00 on my phone (that's when the gates opened again and i could get out!).
We are going camping again for Brian's birthday. I doubt me and Ethan will be sleeping out there but we will definitely be coming out there to play and to fish. Maybe this next time will go a little smoother. Next time we will use an air mattress. My bones are less forgiving than I am.


Whitney said...

Well, that sounded just awful.

Jessica said...

I agree with Whitney that does sound awful! Next leave your vehical parked on the outside of the gate LOL at least you could escape if you stay to late!