Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Future Power Co. employees

It was a slow day today in the power industry at Greene Co today (due to the holiday weekend that is upon us and a golf tournament) so I took the kids out to see what their daddy does all day. They were anxiously awaiting our trip out to the plant so they could tour the place and see exactly how power is made. Not sure if they understood any of it (or really if Brian shared how it works. Knowing him, though, he probably did) . Sorry the pictures aren't great. These are from my phone since I didn't want to take my good camera out to the nasty coal burning plant. Our first stop was to daddy's office where the kids got to see a piece of coal that they burn. Mackenlee was facinated at the fact that the coal was created from the dinosaurs. Logan just thought it was neat in general. ha! Apparently I interupted Mackenlee in the middle of her busy work schedule. She is my future little engineer. She thinks so much like her daddy, that it's scary! She is like a girly, pink lovin', lipstick lovin' clone of him.
Brian took the older two all around the plant. The kids say that they rode the elevator (Logan's favorite part) and went to a really loud area and went to the roof (both were Mackenlee's favorite part). Brian took a picture of them on the roof.
It appears that once they got back to the office, Mackenlee had some more work to finish up before we could go home. Logan had to sit and supervise.
Ethan chased laser dots around on the ground. Silly baby.
And the best part of the tour was the hard hats that the kids got to take home. Logan even snuck out with Brian's safety glasses. If he gets his way, he will be wearing those for the next month. The boy loves sunglasses. Probably because he looks so cool in them. hehe!
After the tour, Brian came home with us (like I said, slow day in the Greene Co power industry) and we went to pizza hut for lunch.


Jessica said...

TOO cute!!

Whitney said...

The lunch buffet at Pizza Hut is awesome!