Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Twisted Thursday

As everyone I am sure knows, on April 27th a massive amount of damage was done in the state of Alabama by several tornados that ripped through the state. Tuscaloosa was one of those cities that had a lot of severe damage.
One of the teachers at Mackenlee and Logan's WEE School thought up of this wonderful idea to raise money for relief efforts for Tuscaloosa. She planned and brought to life a bass tournament that had lots of fun for the kids as well. She got a big slide, cotton candy machine, sno cone truck, hamburgers and hotdogs, hay ride, and lots of door prizes.
After the kids' doctors appointments yesterday, we came back home and picked up Brian and headed down to the city landing. The kids spent most of the time playing on the giant slide. When they finally got a little thirsty, we got them sno cones and then Logan went to admire the firetruck. He was in awe of it. The number one thing that he wants to be is a "firetruck man". Seriously. He has been praying for that every day for the past year. "God help me be a piretruck man". I really think that was the highlight of his time at the river last night!

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