Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While he wasn't looking

Our house, lately, has become a construction zone. Long pieces of molding and trim lie in the hallways while big sheets of sheetrock are propped up against our walls as our "fixer-upper" home is having to be quickly "fixed up". The kids are taking it in stride and even using it to their advantage. I found Logan outside the other day playing in a pile of sawdust left behind by Brian's table saw (table saw not turned on or plugged in at the time, for those concerned). He had no idea that I was sitting by him and taking his pictures, but instead caught up in a world where Thomas the Train was splashing through the "dirt".
As I looked through these pictures, I couldn't help but think of the movie Toy Story. Logan playing so sweetly, in his own little world, and everything in his imagination seeming to be so real! And then I look down at Thomas and see the smile on his face. The smile that is always on Thomas's face and it just seems to come full circle. Does that make sense?
Here's Thomas sitting patiently, buried in a pile of "dirt" waiting for Logan to push him through it to make it all fly up in the air!
It just looks like Thomas the Train is having just as much fun playing in the sawdust on a hot day, as Logan is. These two friends go on lots of adventures together and I so desparately wish I was privy to every detail! What fun it is to be a child!

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